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Home Deco Tips & Ideas

Living Room – Use amicable or neutral colors e.g. earth tone to match other furnishings for stability and balance

Bedroom – Use natural design in comfortable colors to animate the desired mood depending on the occupants’ age and relationship

Child’s Room – For age below 7, use varied patterns and colors to invoke the child’s mental and emotional development.  For older children, more composed patterns and brighter colors are appropriate. If children make their own choice, it instills a sense of ownership and pride towards their rooms

Reading Room – Use natural design and neutral colors to minimize the stress on your eyes

Powder Room – Experiment with bold design in stronger colors to excite the senses and uplift your emotions


Size is immaterial but choice is crucial to optimize aesthetic effects. For smaller homes, avoid multiple colors and advocate single color for spatial effect. Where appropriate, a lively or colorful design can be used for feature wall alone. For larger homes, you may choose to play with big and cool patterns for better outcome but be sensitive towards using proper combination of colors


         Urban Minimalist – Use plain patterns with subtle textures in subdued colors (usually one or two colors in varying shades) to exude simplicity in style. Always go simple and declutter to make space as space is luxury. The effect of “the power of less” can be incredibly stunning. 

         Modern Contemporary – Be adventurous to use bold design and solid colors for accent walls to reflect modern trend but complement it with simple textured design preferably in single color for other walls to create a tasteful piece of wall art.  Earth, white or black tone is normally the preferred choice as it can blend in easily with other interior décor. Apply the law of order in modern living. Order is comforting and comfort is tranquility.

         Modern Classic – Classic lovers may opt for floral or motif designs with textured background. The choice of colors must coordinate with other furnishings to achieve harmony of colors. When timeless classic matches contemporary living, the preserved beauty of heritage and culture is accentuated.

         Mood & Ambience Select the right design and color palette to create the mood and ambiance in specific living spaces for your own indulgence e.g. soft design and soothing colors for relaxation, bold design and vibrant colors for “WOW” factor, subtle design and deeper colors for romantic aura... Don’t forget to complement it with the proper lighting to enhance effects.